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20 Mai 2009 Available Domains
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Available Domains

Guide to Finding Available Domains

It is probably the hardest domainer task of all to find unregistered domains that can be registered for the normal registration fee.

The good part there are still plenty of valuable domains that you can pick up, but you will have to be creative. You wont be able to find available good dictionary words in most TLDs. You will have to come up with keyword combinations or look out for new opportunities. Local ccTLDs (like .es) often still have quite good names available. Another possibility is to look for new TLDs, but be aware many of those can be a waste of money.
But surely the best way is to gain knowledge and discover techniques to come up with valuable available domains. More on the topic is in our how to find available domains section.

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08 Mai 2009 Evaluate Domains
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Evaluate Domains

Domain Valuation Guidelines

One of the hardest tasks in the domain business is to calculate a fair valuation of a domain. Several factors increase or decrease the value of a domain but there is no way on earth to find an exact value of a domain. One can see that some domains change hands very quickly and sometimes the premium can be 50% or more. Of course the fair price did not change so fast it was just that a new buyer was prepared to pay that higher price.

Take into account that domain appraisals from respected companies can differ by a huge margin, because they might use different methods to determine a fair price. The single most factor one can look at are the prices for which similar domains have changed hands in the past.

Other important valuation factors are

  • Extensions (TLDs, is it a .com or something else?)
  • Potential for development
  • Traffic (number of visitors)

Further 32 factors can be found in the section how to evaluate and find a fair price for a domain.

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