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14 Jun 2009 Domaining Conferences
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Domaining Conferences

Domain Industry Events and Meetings

Attending domaining conferences is the best place to find domaining contacts. And remember it should be one of your main tasks to learn as much as possible about the business as possible. As it will not be easy to develop all your strategies from the scratch it is always great to have other people pass on some of their knowledge.
Domaining conferences seem be an expensive way to start your domaining business, but after all it might help to avoid an even more costly experience. And usually domaining conferences are a lot of fun with parties as well. 
Most domaining events are in the US, but you can also find one closer to you if you life somewhere else.  The first domaining meeting dates back to 2004 when the most popular traffic conference started its operation. 
In our other section you can find out more on domain conferences with an extensive listing of the next events. If you are setting up a conference and are not included in the listing  or want to change dates etc. please make a post and I will add your details.

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