11 Apr 2009 Selling Domains
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Selling Domains

The best ways to sell a domain

The best way to sell a domain depends mainly on the intentions of the domain owner. If you want quick cash you will have to be preapred to sell below a fair value, if you have lots of time then you can wait for someone who might be dependent on your name and spend a lot more than its realistic value might be.

As domainers are usually growing their portfolios they will have to judge if a certain price offer justifies a sale (maybe just because the proceeds can be used for another cheap purchase). In general your actions should enhance your overall portfolio value.  Try to get a good balance between selling many domains and a high sales price

Options for selling domains

  • Domain auction
  • Domain broker
  • Domain forum
  • Domain marketplace
  • Offering to potential buyers
  • Waiting for an offer

In our section how to sell a domain we will go through the options and also let you know how to find potential buyers and give you a tip on how to set the correct price for your domain.

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05 Apr 2009 Buying Domains
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Buying Domains

The best ways to purchase a domain

Getting your desired domain(s) can be a challenging task. In contrast to just registering an available domain you will have to be prepared to spend a lot more money. The current owner can set his price just as he desires. Sometimes you will be able to get nice bargains in other cases the owners might only sell well above a realistic price. So where can you find domains to purchase?

Options for buying domains

  • Contact current owner (by email or phone, check the whois for his details)
  • Domain auction (at conferences or marketplaces)
  • Domain broker
  • Domain forum
  • Domain marketplace (such as Sedo)
  • Drop catching (expired or deleted domains)

Before placing a bid for a domain think of the purpose that the domain will be used for. This can be helpful for finding the price you are prepared to spend.

Purpose of the domain you want to buy 

  • Domain development (Justifies price above market value)
  • Domain flipping (Has to be a bargain unless you already have a buyer at a higher price)
  • Domain investment (Has to have a fair price with long term upside potential)
  • Domain parking (Has to have enough traffic)
  • Resale (Has to be priced cheap)

Find out more about the options and purposes as well as about risks associated with buying domains and the 7 domain types in our how to buy a domain name section.

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03 Apr 2009 Registering Domains
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Registering Domains

The best ways to register a domain

When it comes to building a domain portfolio it makes sense to plan your approach. As every domain costs a certain registration fee that can vary a lot it is recommended to compare prices carefully. Remember even just a few cents more or less can add up to a large sum once the number of domains you own grows. Also domain owners might want to reconsider if there aren’t any cheaper options out there.

Having said that pricing is only one factor when it comes to deciding where to register your domains.  You will want your domains to be safe and the services that registrars offer in their pricing scheme often differ a lot.

Get more tips in our new how to register a domain section.

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20 Mrz 2009 Choosing Domains
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Guide to choosing Domains

Our latest site update is all about how to choose a domain name. This of course depends on the purpose of your domain registration. Our focus is of course on domainers, but you’ll also learn about different approaches for business or personal use.
The most important factor of any domain registration should be the value aspect. For a business it could simply mean that the domain fits to the company for presenting itself online, but for the domainer it must increase the value of the portfolio. One should be aware of the most important factors that a good domain should include or not.
Chracteristcs of great domains

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Made up of useful keywords from a popular field
  • Major TLD (like .com or ccTLD)
  • Potential for development
  • Short
  • Without hyphens
  • Without numbers

Owning great domain names has a lot of positive side effects, besides the value it’s a cheap tool to gain a competitive edge if you are doing business. Just think of benefits like instant revenue opportunities,  branding und marketing and also search engines will love it.  You should also note that a great generic domain by itself builds a certain level of trust or wouldn’t you mind getting an insurance from a site using a domain made up of certain numbers and a .tk extension. Moreover you will always have an asset you can sell again at any time.

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15 Mrz 2009 Domaining Basics
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Domaining Basics

As promised the first two pages of domaining.eu are up and running, there will be updates every couple of days in the next weeks till the most essential things are covered.

We are starting off telling you how to start domaining. The major part is focused on the domaining basics. You will get all sorts of tips that have helped other domainers succeed. It will tell you what things to focus on when starting out in the business and which things should be considerd. You will hear why monitoring is as important as planing your business realistically, also why it makes sense to take some time before investing everything. 

The things at the very beginning that should be at the top of your list include:

  • Control costs
  • Develop a strategy
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Gain knowledge through reading (e.g. forums)
  • Invest wisely and look for bargains
  • Meet people by attending domain conferences
  • Monitor yourself and the domain market closely
  • Plan your budget
  • Transactions should be safe

These are some of the things covered. Those first two pages are mainly intended for people wanting to be domainers or for domainers that want to recap some guiedlines.

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