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08 Mai 2009 Evaluate Domains
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Evaluate Domains

Domain Valuation Guidelines

One of the hardest tasks in the domain business is to calculate a fair valuation of a domain. Several factors increase or decrease the value of a domain but there is no way on earth to find an exact value of a domain. One can see that some domains change hands very quickly and sometimes the premium can be 50% or more. Of course the fair price did not change so fast it was just that a new buyer was prepared to pay that higher price.

Take into account that domain appraisals from respected companies can differ by a huge margin, because they might use different methods to determine a fair price. The single most factor one can look at are the prices for which similar domains have changed hands in the past.

Other important valuation factors are

  • Extensions (TLDs, is it a .com or something else?)
  • Potential for development
  • Traffic (number of visitors)

Further 32 factors can be found in the section how to evaluate and find a fair price for a domain.

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