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11 Apr 2009 Selling Domains
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Selling Domains

The best ways to sell a domain

The best way to sell a domain depends mainly on the intentions of the domain owner. If you want quick cash you will have to be preapred to sell below a fair value, if you have lots of time then you can wait for someone who might be dependent on your name and spend a lot more than its realistic value might be.

As domainers are usually growing their portfolios they will have to judge if a certain price offer justifies a sale (maybe just because the proceeds can be used for another cheap purchase). In general your actions should enhance your overall portfolio value.  Try to get a good balance between selling many domains and a high sales price

Options for selling domains

  • Domain auction
  • Domain broker
  • Domain forum
  • Domain marketplace
  • Offering to potential buyers
  • Waiting for an offer

In our section how to sell a domain we will go through the options and also let you know how to find potential buyers and give you a tip on how to set the correct price for your domain.

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