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How to find available domains

Finding available (not yet registered or deleted) domains that have some kind of value, either in parking revenues or for a potential sale is one of the secrets domainers do not like to talk about. Everyone has some kind of strategy as most domainers are still building their portfolios in some way, but these strategies differ a lot.
Fortunately you can still find domain names by plain hand registering but it will take some efforts if you do not want to end up with junk domains.
If you do not have any clue how to start, then let me suggest that you do some brainstorming which field you want to start with.
It could be a certain subject that you are interested in or something that you just discovered like an article you just read etc. From now on make the whois (directory that shows if a domain is available) one of your best friends and use it as often as possible to check if certain terms are still available. Think of (new) keyword combinations and also look those up.
It is also advisable to look at new opportunities in the markets that come by every day. From time to time new TLDs hit the market, most of these are junk, but some have good potential. Yes, you are on a .eu website and yes .eu’s are selling for high prices although they do not have much type in traffic (natural traffic). Can you find available .eu’s? Well, at least some not so popular terms with 2 or more words are still available free to register and better keywords sell at cheap prices compared to .com’s. Other TLDs that are quite successful include: .net, .org and .info. See if the terms are available under one of those extensions. If it is a widely used term there could be a market for it.
Also local ccTLDs like .de, .cn, etc. are very successful. Unfortunately it usually only makes sense to register domains in the language which is spoken in that specific country (exception some top English keywords). So you might have to speak that language or use a dictionary. But be advised that the best domains in most ccTLDs have long been registered.
Again look for opportunities, from time to time certain countries are lifting registration restrictions, at that time you can usually still find some really nice domains. In the last couple of years restrictions eg. in Spain and France were (partly) lifted and domainers had the chance to get nice pieces of virtual real estate. In other countries second level TLDs are introduced, eg. in the United Arab Emirates second level domains are replacing third level domains.
Although there are still enormous possibilities, if you do not believe that hand regging is for you, you might want to look at drop auctions or other possibilities to enhance your domain portfolio. You’ll find ideas in the buy domains section.
If you gain more experience in domaining you will surely pop into several tools that will make finding available domains even easier, like tools that make bulk checks etc.
Furthermore with establishing contacts in the domaining scene you will surely pick up some secrets that will make it easier finding some available domain treasures.  

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