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Domain Registration

How to register a domain and tips for finding the best registrar

In order to register a domain you have chosen, you will need to find a registrar where you can place your order as most registries do not sell domains directly to domainers.

Suggestions for finding a registrar that fits your needs

Pricing is usually the main thing customers are concerned with. In domaining one should consider further factors, because in the end it might make sense to pay a few cents more. We will let you know below what to consider if you plan to build a larger portfolio.
If you only intend to register one or a few domains then one might not have to make so many considerations. The suggestion would be to check out one of the bigger registrars (like Godaddy) and use that one company to register your domains and also maybe to get some hosting if you intend to setup a web site by yourself.
If you are considering setting up a domaining portfolio it will make sense to carefully choose the company you want to work together. Yes, in the past domain owners have lost domains, so work with someone you can trust and that enables you to monitor your domains. Try to find a registrar that offers most of the things (services, TLDs etc.), so you will not have to spread your domain portfolio over too many registrars. The more registrars you have the higher the chances are that you might miss an email that could contain an invoice and that left unpaid could mean you will lose your domain.

What to look out for when choosing a registrar

Account management

It is an advantage if you can easily keep track of your portfolio.


Changing domain specifics like handles (eg. owner details) and name servers etc. should be easy to do from within the clients menu.


How many steps have to be done to register, transfer or delete a domain and is this easy to accomplish.


Is the pricing competitive to other registrars with the same level of services, be aware of hidden charges that might be included in the price of another registrar.

Private Registration

If you want to hide your identity make sure your registrar allows you to do it. Prices vary a lot for this feature.

Realtime order processing

Nothing is more annoying than ordering a domain and finding out someone else registered it although it was available at the time of your order.


See if there are special features to secure your domain portfolio (like automatic renewal).


Check if the registrar is offering all the TLDs you want to register.

Track record

It is always better to choose a company that has been in business for a longer period of time and also has happy customers. If you have already established contacts with domainers then ask them what registrar they are using and what they like or dislike about that registrar


There should be a possibility to have support 24h a day as there might be an urgent matter that has to be dealt with immediately. A toll free support number would also be an advantage.

Of course chances are high you will deal with several registrars, so try to consolidate your domain portfolio as much as possible (if the pricing permits) to one main registrar from time to time. This will eventually save time and make it easier to monitor your domains.

As all registrars usually have the same registry rates (unless they are only resellers), most registrars will match their prices to competitors for owners of larger domain portfolios. So if you have a very cheap price for a certain TLD with one registrar, but would be willing to move them to your main registrar for the same pricing, just go ahead and ask them. They will usually accept the offer as they are still making a profit in the end.
Also as your portfolio grows you can demand lower prices, in case these are rejected look for another registrar. If another registrar offers a lower price you can still present the offer to your current registrar and in many cases they will again match the lower price even if they rejected at the beginning.
Furthermore some registrars have a second type of account for people with higher volumes called a reseller account. Go ahead and check if your registrar offers one and remember to also compare prices for that type of account as it has lower rates than standard accounts.

Now you are set to register domains with your chosen registrar. To gain more insight which domains are valuable or not take a look at how to buy a domain or how to sell a domain.

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