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Domain Selling

How to sell a domain name

Every domain owner dreams of getting huge bids for his or her domains, in some cases that is realistic, in others one might have to adjust the pricing to sell (some) domains. If you are new to domaining chances are you will not have domains worth $10,000+, so rather sell for smaller amounts to get cash that is needed to grow your portfolio at a faster rate. The longer it takes to grow your domaining portfolio the harder it gets as new people are starting with domaining daily.

The hard part when deciding about the selling price is to find the right balance between getting as much money for each domain on the one hand and selling as many domains as possible on the other hand.
You should not set your prices too high, as you might end up selling not even a single domain and assuming you want to become a domainer then you are forced to make money through domain sales (unless you are earning a fortune through parking).
Having said that you should also not set your prices too low as your domains are your assets and if you sell them too cheap then eventually you might end up having only some crappy domains in your portfolio that no one wants. That would mean game over as there is not enough parking revenue and not enough sales revenue to make a living.
Unfortunately there is no golden rule as every domain portfolio is structured differently. In any case you need to make a profit to grew your portfolio, so try to find the right balance. Don’t be afraid, the longer you are in the domaining business the better you will able to judge the best prices for your domains, you will just have to gain some experience as in any other business.

Where to sell domains for the best price

Domain auctions

Most domain conferences host an auction that consists mainly of premium domains, also internet platforms have started auctioning off domains. Although one could assume that auctions are a good place to sell domains that is not always true. As most participants are also domainers chances are you will not get a price close to what an enduser would pay. Of course there are sometimes major exceptions when a bidding war starts. Ebay also has a domain section but it is not recommended to list your names there, as domains are often overlooked so you will hardly get the price you are expecting.

Domain brokers

There are several brokers out there trying to find buyers for domains, but usually only very good domains will be accepted and the fees tend to be high. Domain brokers are looking for 2 things, high quality domains and also reasonably priced domains. As brokering domains takes some efforts domain brokers usually are not looking to broker domains below a certain minimum price, also there needs to be a good chance to sell the domain so it should not be overpriced.
Some brokers specialize in brokering domain portfolios, but that means you will have to sell your portfolio for a multiple that is a lot lower than if you manage to sell the domains one by one.

Domain forums

Forums are a popular way for trading domains as there is usually no sales fee. The downside is that you will have to sort out everything directly with the buyer, there is no one that will help you. As you will usually deal with other domainers who want to make a profit themselves, don’t expect a lot of money, but if you need quick cash it is a good choice.

Internet platforms - Aftermarket sites

Listing you domains on an internet platform with one or more of the aftermarket sites, is always a good idea. Many potential buyers will first head to sites like Sedo to see if a domain is available for being purchased, so do list as many of your domain names as possible. Setting a reasonable asking price does attract more serious bidders. Some venues enable their customers to set a fixed asking price, so domains from the secondary market can be bought immediately. You can also list your domains with several companies, but bear in mind that listing your domains with very small companies can be a waste of time as they do not make a lot of sales, so stick with the big ones where the action is. Usually a fee is charged to the seller when a sale is made (mostly around 10%).

Sales Site

Some domainers are also setting up their own sales sites hoping to increase the number of interested parties for their domains. On the site they includes their domain names and contact details so that potential buyers can get into contact with them. Some also provide direct links to their sales portfolio with an aftermarket company.

Selling domains directly to endusers

If you have descriptive domains then you can try to get into contact with potential buyers directly. Selling directly to endusers sounds easier than it actually is as it requires a lot of planning and work. You will have to find the right contacts and also decide how to approach potential buyers. This will take the most time, but can also be very rewarding. But don’t spam others with your offers. A popular approach is domain flipping where domains are bought to be resold immediately for higher price.

Waiting for a buyer

This can take forever, but when you are approached by a prospective buyer (an end user) chances are you might get a higher price, because some buyers are serious about getting a specific domain. That is true for people calling you or bidding through an internet platform. Of course most inquiries will not end in a deal because the buyer does not want to spend enough money or it might be another domainer looking for a bargain. Always reply to genuine offers even if the bid is very low. Some buyers are willing to spend a lot, but some just want to see if they can get the domain almost for free.

What you should know about private buy offers

If you are approached by someone who wants to buy your domain that you don’t know, be sure to keep control over your domain till the full price has been paid. It is highly recommended to set up a contract, once done you can use it for every upcoming transaction.
If you get an email from someone that wants to buy your name in combination with a domain appraisal then you can delete that email immediately as that scam has been going on for longer.

How to set the right domain price

As previously mentioned finding the right balance between a high price and a high number of sales is the key to successful domaining.
If you do not have any clue how to set your price then ask yourself how much you would be prepared to spend for that domain. As most buyers are from within the domaining industry you might be able to get just that price to strike a deal.

How to find potential endusers

You can easily find endusers by looking at search engine results for the keyword(s) in your domain. Be sure to especially look at who is bidding for those and related keywords (sponsored results at the top and right hand side of the search results), as these companies are already expressing their will to spend money on internet marketing. Look for contact details on those web sites but avoid spamming when making contacts and make sure to respect possible laws concerning this matter.

Selling essentials

Remember to keep your whois records updated as prospective domain buyers can not contact you when your contact details are out of date.
List your domains - People searching aftermarket sites will only find your domains if they are listed, so list all the domains you’d like to sell.

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