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Domain Forums

There are lots of domain forums on the internet. To keep up to date you do not need to monitor all of them. It should be enough establishing a daily routine of checking around 3 different ones depending on your needs and interests. You will not need to check smaller ones which only get new posts from time to time unless it is interesting for whatever reason.
If you speak other languages than you will have a wider choice staying up to date especially with ccTLDs. There are also some invitation only forums that are not included in our list, to become a member you will have to establish contacts before you are admitted.

Most popular English speaking Domain forums

dnforum - different membership levels
domainstate - also offering some free tools
namepros - forum with the most posts
acorndomains - leading UK domain forum
idnforums - domain forum specializing on IDNs
ccTLDs - brand new domain forum focusing on ccTLDs

French Domain Forum


German Domain Forums


Netherlands Domain Forum


Indian Domain Forum

inforum - small forum discussing Indian domains (English)

Polish Domain Forum

Russian Domain Forum


Spanish Domain Forums


We suggest you bookmark certain threads you are interested in and check them regularly. Also keep a close eye on new developments to take advantage of industry changes. If you have something interesting to say then take part actively. Active presence will establish your name with other domainers and therefore add to your credibility. This can be a major advantage when it comes to making future domain deals.

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